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"Ce réalisateur espagnol ira au Festival de Cannes."

Translation:This Spanish director will go to the Cannes Festival.

July 15, 2020



The recommended answer "The Spanish director s going to the Cannes Festival" has a typo


The default solution is "This Spanish director will go to the Cannes Festival."


I got all the sentence correct, but typed to twice, If that isn't a typo, I don't know what is! We used to be allowed a typo, why not now?


"This Spanish director will go to the Festival at Cannes" - must it be Cannes Festival?


Why is Director 'réalisateur' when it could be 'directeur'


I am not very "calm" after listening to Junior say that sentence. I didn't realise he was saying Cannes. Why can't Duo use normal French voices for the lessons. French is difficult enough without having to listen to something several times before you understand what it is saying! Or not in my case!!

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