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  5. "Onko Helsinki karanteenissa?"

"Onko Helsinki karanteenissa?"

Translation:Is Helsinki in quarantine?

July 15, 2020



Quarantine, English translation is wrong!!


I also think that "under quarantine" should be accepted.


I'd go further and say "in quarantine" shouldn't be accepted. You can put a dog in quarantine, you can't put a city. A city might be quarantined or under quarantine.


Sure, technically you can't (at least not in the medical and legal sense that word is used in Finland). But it still seems to be used quite a lot, so we'll keep that alongside other accepted options.


Very timely. :-(


That's what I thought. Definitely, this is a 2020 Finnish course.


A city is "under quarantine" not "in quarantine."


As mentioned above, a city is technically neither. But both are widely used, with in being far more common than under.


How does one say "lockdown", the proper word to describe a city, in Finnish? Wiktionary gives "eristäminen", "sulkeminen" and "aresti" and I'm not sure which one is better...


Oh, someone (you?) asked this in another thread a while back, and I meant to look it up...

There isn't an exact word, maybe partly because we haven't had to have one. Remember that lockdown in English can also be something done to a building or a smaller area, in the face of a threat (terrorists, school shootings, prison riots, etc.), and that this meaning was probably the most prevalent one before 2020.

When reporting on lockdowns in other countries because of Corona, Finnish media tends to use words such as koronasulku (from sulkea, to close) or eristys. Of course this can actually mean very different things in practice in different places! Lighter restrictions, such as those used in Finland so far, are called koronarajoitukset, Corona restrictions. There are also a lot of suositukset, recommendations, which aren't legal obligations but which people tend to follow anyway.

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One closely related word to "lockdown" I've heard being used is ulkonaliikkumiskielto, curfew, which literally means "the prohibition to move outside" [ulkona-liikkumis-kielto].


We use the word "sulkutila" for lockdown.


No, I don't have a typo. YOU have a typo.


quarantine is a typo in the English [reported]


"Quarantine" is correct. Not "quaratine"


Reported again on 14 October 2020


Haha, there were almost more posts here than actual reports using the flag, that's why this hadn't risen high enough on the list of sentences to be fixed. It has been fixed now, but it'll take a week or two before you can see it, depending on your version of Duolingo.

Please keep reporting things using the flag straight after each exercise!

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