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  5. "yksi sekunti, kaksi sekuntia"

"yksi sekunti, kaksi sekuntia"

Translation:one second, two seconds

July 15, 2020


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I don't like that "sekunti" is pronounced with double T.

NOT sekuntti, sekunttia but sekunti, sekuntia

[deactivated user]

    Most people pronounce it with double t.


    Yeah, it does sound quite unnatural as "sekunti". There are these little cases in Finnish where spelling and pronunciation do differ, and while the robotic voice isn't always perfect, it did nail that double "t" in "tervetuloa" as well ("tervettuloa"). But if something sounds odd, it's always best to ask (examples of bad pronunciation include "limonadi" and "Skandinavia").


    the reason for the double "t" in "tervetuloa" is different though from that in "sekunti", I believe


    And even more the sekuntia is pronounced with a double t. Sydämeen ei mahdu kahta ämmää, says a proverb. Written sydämeen, pronounced sydämmeen. Anyhow, feel free to pronunciate it with one or two consonants. You will be understood.


    I am not in a position to complain about a word being pronounced differently from how it is spelled. English is full of them.


    Why was "one second two seconds" not accepted? I've never seen a (missing) comma make a difference here on Duolingo before.


    Er, never mind. I was supposed to type what I heard, not the English translation. My error.

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