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"We have almost three minutes."

Translation:Meillä on melkein kolme minuuttia.

July 15, 2020


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I think the word "aika" must be used here: "Meillä on melkein kolme minuuttia aikaa"

[deactivated user]

    I don't think it is necessary.

    "Onko meillä vielä paljon aikaa? Joo, meillä on melkein kolme minuuttia." Do we have a lot of time? Yeah, we have almost three minutes. Adding time to the last sentence in either language makes it only cumbersome, I think.

    Similarly you can say "we have almost three kilos [of corn]." "Meillä on melkein kolme kiloa [maissia]."


    I don't think it's a must, but it would still be a fine translation and should be accepted as a correct translation, if it isn't already.

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