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"I am Icelandic, but I live in Germany."

Translation:Olen islantilainen, mutta minä asun Saksassa.

July 15, 2020



Wouldn't it be correct if you leave out the minä? "Mutta asun Saksassa"


Yes. It would be correct to leave out the word "minä".


I have a question about what sounds more natural.

I entered, and it accepted: "Minä olen islantilainen, mutta asun Saksassa."

But it suggested this alternate translation, which is also what it lists here in the forum: "Olen islantilainen, mutta minä asun Saksassa."

Does "minä" on one verb or the other (or both, or neither) have any subtle difference in meaning? Does the suggested one sound the most natural?


Using the pronoun puts a slight emphasis on the person in question, i.e. by saying …, mutta minä asun Saksassa you emphasise that do live in Germany and not for instance in Iceland.

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