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"Grandpa is painting a big picture."

Translation:Vaari maalaa isoa taulua.

July 15, 2020



what is the difference between suuri and iso? in previous lessons we used suuri for big things, but now it doesn't accept it, so i guess there must be some difference between the two?


Report it every time it doesn't accept them both since the course is still in beta.


"suuri" is a synonym for "iso". See suuri (Kielitoimiston sanakirja)


Can I use the 3rd infinitive form here? "Vaari on maalaamassa isoa taulua"?


Why is it in partitive when it is one concrete picture? Why not "ison taulun"?


It's an ongoing action that has not yet been finished, Finnish doesn't have a continuous tense so we often use partitive for that too.

"Vaari maalaa ison taulun." can either mean "Grandpa is going to/will paint a big picture." because Finnish also has no future tense so we just use the present tense; or it can also mean that the grandpa is painting the picture right now but he's also going to finish painting it during this session. Partitive does not tell if he's going to finish it today or tomorrow or maybe ever.


picture is 'kuva' not 'taulu'. Taulu is closer to a painting


The word 'picture' in English is wrong. Should be 'painting' (at least if you want it translated by 'taulu'). In my opinion...


Yeah but (at least colloquially) I feel like in English people don't often say "painting a painting" and rather tend to say "painting a picture" even when speaking of a painting.

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