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"Tämä karkki ei ole musta vaan punainen."

Translation:This candy is not black but red.

July 15, 2020



In British English "sweet" (as a noun) is a more common word than "candy". (At least for my generation!) So my answer "This sweet is not black but red." should be accepted.


I've added it. It will take a few weeks for Duo to include the edit in the course. Please report any missing translations by clicking on the flag. :)


Why not mustaa and punaista? I thought candy was a mass noun. Maybe they are talking about an individual piece of candy, or maybe I have misunderstood something. Please enlighten me, someone :)


I’ve added that as an option, but I would recommend using the plural rather than the mass noun in a sentence like this if you’re not referring to a single sweet (Nämä karkit ovat mustia eivätkä punaisia). karkki works as a mass noun (especially in subject position) mainly if you’re talking about candy in general. As soon as you start talking about specific sweets (“the/these/those sweets”), using the mass noun version will sound really weird, as if you’re standing in a factory in front of massive chocolate pot that the Oompa Loompas have not yet turned into chocolate bars. :)

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