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"The river runs in the middle of Finland."

Translation:Joki juoksee keskellä Suomea.

July 15, 2020


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The river never "juokse" in Finnish, at least not in the Finnish language that I speak as my mother tongue. it "kulkee", "virtaa" or only "on".

"Joki kulkee keskellä Suomea", or

"Joki virtaa keskellä Suomea", or

"Joki on keskellä Suomea"


I agree! The water can be described as "running", but this sentence here is not correct!


Also in German water or a river cannot run. It sounds as if the river had legs.


Aber doch. Der Wasserhahn lauft.

I think water taps (faucets) run in German , but true, rivers flow (fliessen)


The comment threads never disappoint. Thank you for the translation warnings, I had a suspicion that "joki juoksee" might sound strange.


The only thing that might explain using jousta as the verb in this context would be if it were a listening exercise to illustrate the difference in sound between jouk and jok.

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