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"kaksi valkoista venäläistä koiraa"

Translation:two white, Russian dogs

July 15, 2020



Out of interest, how would you say 'Two White Russian dogs' (i.e. dogs involved in the Tsarist counter-revolutionary army)?


Hmm, that could be "kaksi Venäjän valkoisen armeijan koiraa" or "kaksi Venäjän valkokaartin koiraa". However, it's always best to include the word "Venäjä" in the description, since Finland has it own "valkoiset" (Senaatin asevoimat) and "punaiset" (Suomen punainen kaarti) that fought each other in 1918.


Thank you for answering my completely irrelevant question, and providing additional information to boot. Have some lingots!


I am confused. There was no lesson with this, so... what is the difference between "venalainen" and "venalaista"? As far as I can tell, it means the same thing; e.g. "Russian".

Looking on Wiktionary, I it says "to make Russian". So... what's the context here?


"Venäläinen" is the word in the nominative case and "venäläistä" is the same word in the partitive case. That's why they mean the same thing. As English does not have this case (the partitive), and in Finnish the partitive is used in a multitude of ways, it's a difficult one to explain and translate.

"To make Russian" would be "venäläistää". It's a verb.


Kaksi valkoista venäläiset, kiitos.

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