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"Do you have any milkshake or ice cream?"

Translation:Onko teillä pirtelöä tai jäätelöä?

July 15, 2020



Why do I have to use tai instead of vai? I need a rule for it.


"Haluatko pirtelöä tai jäätelöä?" - milkshake or ice cream, in the sense that the asker is also allowing you to choose both if you want

"Haluatko pirtelöä vai jäätelöä?" - milkshake or ice cream, in the sense that you have to choose only one of these options, no exceptions

"Onko teillä pirtelöä vai jäätelöä?" is a slightly odd question without context because the asker would be asking it knowing they have only "pirtelö" or "jäätelö", absolutely not both, they are 100 % certain.

And so the "Onko teillä pirtelöä tai jäätelöä?" question is the more neutral question because it doesn't assume anything. Maybe they have neither of these, maybe only the one sort, maybe both.

However, I can't remember what kinds of "tai" and "vai" sentences they have had here on Duolingo...


When translating this sentence to finnish it does not matter whether it is "sinulla on or teillä on" why should be wrong if someone said sinulla instead of teillä, it is wrong for you to fail the person, then I would say it is a wrong English in my opinion


Just report these so they can be fixed. :)


Wouldn't it be Vai instead of Tai? I thought tai was "either... or" and vai was just "or..." no?


if you ask with vai, it means you are absolutely sure that the person you are asking has only one of those items


No native English speaker would ever say this. Milkshake is not used as a mass noun.


In English no one would say "Do you have any milkshake?"


This is really poor English

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