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"Finland is not in Scandinavia, but Norway is."

Translation:Suomi ei ole Skandinaviassa, mutta Norja on.

July 15, 2020



"Suomi ei ole Skandinavissa vaan Norja on". My understanding is that is the first part of the sentence is a negative and the second part of the sentence is positive then you use "vaan". Can someone please explain if possible.


You use "vaan" to deny and correct completely what was said. For example "Oulu ei ole Norjassa vaan Suomessa." When something is left valid, you use "mutta." As for this sentence, I imagine it being a correction to a part of a sentence such as "Scandinavian countries, such as Finland and Norway, are..." or an answer to "Are Finland and Norway in Scandinavia?" (Why else would they pick just one Scandinavian country?)

Another example: En osaa puhua kiinaa, mutta ymmärrän sitä. (I can't speak Chinese but I understand it.) It emphasizes that I have some Chinese skills, just not speaking skills.

[deactivated user]

    I found a description of vaan that should help you in https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/vaan#Finnish. It should help you a little, and you can always add a new comment if it doesn't answer your query.


    That is really useful stuff about 'vain' ... but doesn't explain why 'mutta' is used in preference to 'vain' in this instance.

    Would still love to know the answer to RAYMONDNAL's query.


    Raymondnal is right. Vaan is right in the standard speech, mutta is here a colloquialism I wouldn't accept on this course.


    As for me, "Suomi ei ole Skandinaviassa vaan Norja on" doesn't sound good. "Suomi ei ole Skandinaviassa vaan Norja" is better, although it leaves me wondering why only Norway was mentioned of the Scandinavian countries. Maybe it was a multiple choice question with only Finland, Norway, and Russia as the options?

    [deactivated user]

      The pronunciation of Skandinaviassa seems off. Can a Finn please confirm? I reported it.


      Yes, you are correct. The pronunciation is wrong.

      -A Finn

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