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  5. "Iso koira on suomalainen."

"Iso koira on suomalainen."

Translation:The big dog is Finnish.

July 15, 2020



Where does big come into this?


Finn is a noun, Finnish is an adjective. But it's quite interesting point because most nationalities in English use one word for both. Only similar example to come to my mind at the moment is: Swede vs. Swedish.


There are actually quite a few, though they tend to have a negative connotation: Spaniard, Scot, Irishman, Welshman, Cornishman, Chinaman, Frenchman. You can say "the Italian is sitting there" but not "the French is sitting there", though "the French are sitting there" is fine. You use the general adjective for pluralities, like rich and poor, for that matter, but not for individuals. Chinaman and whatnot are now generally avoided, but this forces people to make phrases like Chinese person, because they can't just say the Chinese and mean an individual.

That being said, there's no derogatory sense to Swede or Finn.


A finn and finnish is the same thing in finnish. If you click on the word it also says "The finn"


note that it should have an article then "a Finn".

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