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  5. "It is a bunny."

"It is a bunny."

Translation:Se on pupu.

July 15, 2020



Why not tämä on pupu??


why not "on pupu"? wouldn't it be ok to not use the subject here?


Only 1st and 2nd person subjects can be omitted if there already is a verb in 1st or 2nd person. 3rd person verbs can have just about anything as the subject, so omitting 3rd person subjects would cause ambiguity. But keep in mind that dummy subjects have to be omitted from a Finnish translation because it's impossible to translate them into Finnish. For example, "It is raining" translates to just "Sataa". This can be a potential pitfall because the "it is" in that sentence has an identical form but dissimilar function when compared to the "it is" in this sentence.

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