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"The paintings are well lit in this museum."

Translation:Les tableaux sont bien éclairés dans ce musée.

July 15, 2020



Les peintures sont bien éclairées dans ce musée.


"Tableau" is really better than "peinture", here. You can say "la peinture" to talk about the art in general, but "une peinture" sounds childish or uneducated.


It's 'les peintures', not singular, so both your 'tableau' and your 'la peinture' are incorrect in this context. 'La peinture' in your context above would refer to the art of painting, not 'art in general' as the latter would include performance art, sculpture, video etc.

I've a doctorate in Fine Art and taught fine art studio classes in anglophone universities for several decades, so I can't agree that referring to a painting rather than a 'picture' is 'childish or uneducated' when it's actually the reverse. A representational painting can fall within the much larger category of 'pictures', but a non-representational, abstract painting can't be a 'picture'!


Since "tableaux" is plural, why do we use "eclaires" instead of eclairent?


The verb is "sont" here. "Éclairés" is an adjective/past participle, the translation of "lit".

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