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"Ce portrait horrible lui ressemblait exactement."

Translation:That horrible portrait looked exactly like him.

July 15, 2020



Wow! This guy sounds like "un loser."


Yeesh, haters gonna hate


"aweful" might be a better translation than "horrible", but "horrible" is easier. Ce portrait affreux ...


It's difficult distinguish between "ressemblait" and "ressemble" in the audio because the next word starts with an "e" and it sounds like "ressemblexactement", so I worte "Ce portrait horrible lui ressemble exactement." Maybe they should accept it. (I know that played slowly there is no doubt of wich word you have to choose, but I don't use to play the sentence slowly when what I hear makes sence)


Why is this in past tense? The use of demonstrative pronoun tells us the portrait still exists, so it "resembles him exactly".


Neither "ce" nor "that" implies the portrait still exists and even if it does "he" might have changed his appearance or the portrait could have been altered.

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