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"The mämmi is black and sweet."

Translation:Mämmi on mustaa ja makeaa.

July 15, 2020



if i replaced "mämmi" for its pronoun "se", would the adjectives still take the partitive case? "se on mustaa ja makeaa"?

i suppose this applies only if we know that the noun "se" stands for an indefinite amount of sth


The question and the statement are both correct.


Is it really correct that it's "The mämmi"? Because if it's referring to maybe a bowl of mämmi on the table, it shouldn't the partitive for the adjectives as well, right? In my understanding it should be "Mämmi on makea" for "The mämmi is sweet" and "Mämmiä on makeaa" for "Mämmi is sweet". Please let me know what I'm missing here.


The word mämmi should be seen in English. I guess an internal error!


Why are the adjectives in partitive?


All Finnish nominals are subject to inflection. If what's confusing you is not the fact that adjectives are being inflected, then I'm guessing you're wondering why partitive case in particular. In that case, it's because "mämmi" is a mass noun and as such triggers partitive case for the adjectives that modify it, since indefinite amounts trigger partitive case.


So, in your opinion, should the answers with the nominative case be accepted here or not? I know that a Finn would understand the meaning anyway but from the point of grammar it's wrong, right?


Certain foods and drinks can be conceptualised as a countable thing but mämmi is not of them, so no.


In which case i could use just musta ja makea?


You could use those nominative forms when they precede the noun they modify. Perhaps Musta ja makea mämmi on hyvää, "The black and sweet mämmi is good".

You can also use the nominative forms when they're the predicative of a countable noun. Marja on musta ja makea, "The berry is black and sweet".


I am going through my brain checking for everything black and sweet... a part from liquorice I find nothing. What is mämmi?


A traditional Finnish dessert. You can get an idea from for example Wikipedia:


Depending on how it's made it can be more brown and also not very sweet.

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