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  5. "Who do you admire?"

"Who do you admire?"

Translation:Ketä sinä ihailet?

July 15, 2020



Should be 'Whom do you admire', if we are going to be completely accurate, as in previous questions. Not many people would say it like that though.


"Ketä ihailet" should be accepted imo


The hint shows "kuka" as an option, but it was marked incorrect in favor of "ketä". Are both correct or no?


To admire is an ongoing action and requires the object to be partitive in Finnish. I think the hint shows "who" = "kuka" because that's the nominative singular "who", and in most cases that's what you want.


Kuta should be accepted as a correct answer and not as a typo of ketä. Kuta occurs in place of ketä in some dialects

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