"Tha an fhearg ort."

Translation:You are angry.

July 15, 2020

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The suspense this language inherently has; to not know who is angry until the very end of the sentence.


I am so hung up on remembering these two words that I actually answered, "you have a squirrel on you." Wont get it wrong again.


why not thusa, is anger not emphatic? I'm sorry if I'm looking for logic as per English here but this is confusing


as far as where i am in the lessons, the emphatic thusa is used in a comparison, in the same way english would emphasize like "not me, YOU" if that makes sense. i dont think we would always put that same emphasis on a normal sentence simply stating "you are angry" unless we were comparing to someone else who is not angry ("he's not angry, YOU are angry" for example) im sure there are other reasons to use emphatics in Gaelic but i'm also still a beginner, hope this helped but if i'm wrong correct me lol


In Gaelic fearg/acras(hunger) etc is 'on you' (air+thu'). It is a Gaelic idiom.

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