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  5. "Onko teillä kännykkää?"

"Onko teillä kännykkää?"

Translation:Do you have a cell phone?

July 15, 2020



I don't get why kännykkää is in the partitive singular here. I would expect either the nominative singular or the partitive plural. With the partitive singular it sounds to me like a portion or piece of a cell phone.


When does one use "sinulla" and when "teillä"?


sinulla = sinä (you, singular) + adessive case ending
teillä = te (you, plural) + adessive case ending

We use the pronoun in the adessive case + "on" (3rd person singular "olla"-verb) when talking about ownership. So: minulla on = I have, sinulla on = you have...


Many languages make a so called T–V distinction, incl. Finnish, but excl. English.


I hate that autocorrect creates mistakes like correcting my "do" into a "so" that is really annoying


Spot mistakes and fix your spelling. You're in no hurry, take a moment before tapping check.

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