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"Huh! Tämä pirtelö on melko makeaa."

Translation:Whoa! This milkshake is pretty sweet.

July 15, 2020



Marking it as wrong, when I write "whoa" instead of "woah" seems a bit strange to me...


Really?! "Whoa" and "woah"!? It's the same!


Whoa is listed in the options but leads to an error.


"Woah" is not an English expression, except perhaps idiosyncratically when getting your finger pinched by a pair of pliers. "Wow" is the term in english. I notice that "phew" is another translation suggested, but it's "whew" and not "phew".



Whoa/woah (pronounced /wəʊ/) is different from "wow" (pronounced /waʊ/). I also don't think getting your finger pinched by a pair of pliers is a typical "whoa" situation (that's more of an "ow" or "oops" situation) and a surprisingly sweet milkshake is a situation I can easily imagine someone saying "whoa".

Phew is also a word, pronounced similarly to but differently from "whew".

You can't just say words don't exist when people regularly use them and they're in dictionaries.

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