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"Il ressemblait à ma mère, alors je l'ai quitté !"

Translation:He looked like my mother, so I left him!

July 15, 2020



She didn't notice that he looked like her mother before she started the relationship???


Initially, he looked like her uncle, which was acceptable. It's when he let his hair grow that it became weird.


They didn't have a relationship. It was a blind date.


I believe "ressembler" can refer to attributes as well as appearance, so I wonder if Duo accepts "He was like my mother, so I left him." It makes more sense to me!

I'll try it next time around and report; unless someone else knows?


Yes, it could be something like "He was like my mother, so I left him."


@ b_adger Just saw your note. Thanks for the confirmation.


Keep it simple. These are just little language lessons, not major personality observations.

If they were referring to attributes they would have to provide more context. Like "My ex ressembled my mom in that both were cold hearted liars."


Ouch! You've had a rough life.


it seems to me that the subject here is male person


but "je l'ai quitté" so here he left him or he left her. In fact I was a little confused by KevanSF’s comment in which the subject is female.


Peekpoke - Even without the giveaway first clause, "...je l'ai quitté" can only be "...I left him" - since "quitté" is masculine and has to agree with the direct object ("l'") which comes before the verb conjugated with "avoir"; i.e. the "l'" must be a contracted "le".


thanks for your explanation


You're right actually


do we have to hear this voice? really irritating


Is this mean that the guy she dated have the same attitude like her own mother?


"He looked like.... ". So gross! What do you mean, Duo?


Guys, "He was looking like my mother so I left him" Why is this wrong?


"il ressemblait" is given here, which is past tense and means "he looked like" or "he seemed like" or "he was like".

If we translate ressembler as " to look like", the present tense in English is "looks like". The continuous present "was looking like" would only be used to express changes, eg "He was looking like my mother more and more every day"


I refuse to keep repeating over and over. If there is a problem someone please tell me.

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