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"I am listening to you, although I would like to have some peace and quiet in the forest."

Translation:Minä kuuntelen sinua, vaikka haluaisin olla rauhassa metsässä.

July 15, 2020



the lack of consistency in pronoun usage is very frustrating because i'm essentially getting marked wrong for the same non-mistakes over runs of the course


Don't need minä

[deactivated user]

    It is optional, but not forbidden and definitely not wrong. In puhekieli people tend to use minä or mä either to emphasize that it is I, not someone else, and to make sure that the verb conjugation doesn't get lost. Any road, I don't mind the minä.

    EDIT: Using the keyboard, I left off minä and it was rejected. That is wrong. I reported the error! Sorry I doubted you m8!


    Is that a Finnish insult? :D


    Both should be accepted. Reported.


    Is it wrong to use minä in both cases: Minä kuuntelen sinua, vaikka minä haluasin olla rauhassa metsässä ?


    It is now being accepted without minä. 23 September.


    Shouldn't this rather be "although I would like to be in the calm forest?"


    Rauhassa's literal translation is "in/at peace". Here there's a more colloquial translation, but "I would like to be at peace in the forest" would also work.

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