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"Olet oikeassa; Suomi ei ole Skandinaviassa."

Translation:You are right; Finland is not in Scandinavia.

July 15, 2020



The pronounciation of "Skandinaviassa" is not right. The second "a" doesn't really sound Finnish, it shouldn't be an "ei" but an "a".


5 months and still no correction. They must really hate Scandinavia ;-)


Why is it "oikeassa"? Could it be "oikea" or "oikein"?


If you said, "sinä olet oikea", it would mean "you are 'true'/the one (to do something"'. And if you said "sinä olet oikein" it would be like, for example, you had to be in a specific position and that you would do it well (literally said 'olet oikeassa asennossa' though). So, 'olet oikeassa' -> you are "in the right" -> you are right. Not exactly sure why it has come to this after ages, of course. Is this enough?


Finland looks like it is in Scandinavia. It should be.


Geographically, the Scandinavian peninsula is Sweden and Norway. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scandinavian_Peninsula


Try standing on a park bench in Helsinki and announcing that ... wars have started over less! ;-)


You confuse geography with culture. Denmark and Iceland are also NOT in Scandinavia, geographically. Politically, they are all in the Nordic Council, along with the Faeroe Islands, Aland, and Greenland.

If Finland should somehow be recategorized geographically, then why not include Ingria, Russian Karelia and Estonia as well?



"You are right" is essentially a separate sentence from "Finland is not in Scandinavia." So why should oikein have to match the Skandinaviassa -ssa?

it is not "You are in correctness"


This article on Wikipedia says that Finland can be considered part of Scandinavia sometimes. Is this true? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scandinavia


A broader definition like this is sometimes used in English, and it makes Scandinavia basically synonymous with the Nordic countries.

However, this is not done in the Nordic countries themselves. For us, Scandinavia is Norway, Sweden and Denmark and that's it. Finland is definitely not in Scandinavia.


Yeah, the culture is probably what makes them different. And Iceland and the Faroe Islands, even though they have similar cultures, aren't considered part of Scandinavia because they're separate islands, right?

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