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"Me syömme kakkua ja juomme kahvia."

Translation:We are eating cake and drinking coffee.

July 15, 2020



'We eat cake and drink coffee' should be accepted.


what about "we are eating a cake and drinking coffee" because kakkua is a cake


"kakku" is "a/the cake"

"kakkua" is the word in partitive, so it can be translated as "cake" as well as "a/the cake"

"kakun" would be the word in either genitive (a/the cake's) or genitive-like accusative (a/the cake)

Since English doesn't have a similar case system, it's always a bit difficult to say which translation is the best one, especially when there is very little or no context given. "A cake" could be translated in many different ways. :)


"we eat cake and drink coffee" ... the usual inconsistency with continuous verbs I suppose


Could you also say “some cake”?

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