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  5. "They are often homesick."

"They are often homesick."

Translation:Heillä on usein koti-ikävä.

July 15, 2020


[deactivated user]

    What's rhe deal with the hyphen? Finnish use compound words


    The fact that there's a hyphen doesn't mean it's not a compound. It's there to put the two I-letters into different syllables. Whenever two elements of a compound are linked to each other by identical vowels, they are supposed to be separated by a hyphen.


    Yeah, if it were written as "kotiikävä" you wouldn't necessarily read it right, since the two letter "i"s look like a long vowel.


    "Koti-ikävästä kärsivät siirtotyöläiset tapaavat iltaisin latinokapakassa" I've found this in Wiktionary... Deeply doubtful that I would be ever able to construct/say something like this.

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