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"The tourists want something more to drink."

Translation:Turistit haluavat lisää juotavaa.

July 15, 2020



The "something" in the sentence is really confusing, I always want to write "jotain" and then it's not accepted


Jotain is missing, otherwise this translation reads "The tourists want more to drink"

[deactivated user]

    Where is "something" - jotain


    Hmm, the problem is that "juotava" in this case translates to "a thing you can drink" ~ "something drinkable". It's a participle. So having the "something" there is kind of useful, even if it is a bit misleading at the same time.


    And when the pets want something more to eat, "jotain" is certainly accepted


    Why is lack of "jotain" in same kind of sentences (about wanting something to drink/eat) sometimes required, and other times using it Duolingo considers a mistake?

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