"C'était un secret et tu l'as raconté à tout le monde."

Translation:It was a secret, and you told it to everyone.

July 15, 2020

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The male voice has terrible pronunciation, the 's' is heavily heard in l'as whereas the female voice is much better.


oh, i was about to ask that. i guess there's no hidden rule here. it's just plain wrong, i guess

Edit 1 minute later: when I played the audio above this page, it gave me the female voice, still pronouncing the "s" in "l'as", what's really going on here?


It's wrong, but the reason for that is that, depending on how it is used, "l'as" has more than one pronunciation. When "l'as" means "the ace," the "s" is pronounced. It's like "plus" with its sometimes silent "s." Apparently Duolingo can only associate one sound per spelling, so audio mistakes occur. Fortunately, there aren't many words like that in French. It's a bigger problem in Japanese.


Only one sound per spelling is quite a limitation for a language learning app. Doulingo really have their priorities wrong if they are still making animations and recording new "cute" sounds rather than fixing this.


The 's' was also hard for the female voice for me.


why not and you told the whole world


Although "monde" means world, Tout le monde actually means "everybody."

To say "the whole world", I suppose le monde entier would be a better translation.


*This was a secret and you told it to everyone. Are there any reasons this should be rejected here?


"That was" should also be acceptable for "C'était", ne c'est pas ?


Not only has the new update been forced upon me after I declined the "offer" to try it out, the new voices are appalling, unintelligible or downright unpleasant and the 'correct' answers are often wrong or omitted.

Duo has hit rock bottom as a Language App....it's only my 1570 day streak that is keeping me here, but for how much longer..........


"this was a secret and you told everyone about it" This was marked incorrect - why? Reported.


"tout le monde" can't be translated as "everybody"? Really?


why not everybody instead of everyone--have the same meaning?


I got it wrong because I said you have told it, Why?


Has it to be "It"? "That" was not accepted...


You shouldn't use "To" when you're using "Tell" . It sounds off .


"tout le monde" can't be translated as "everybody"? Really?


This is weird. The instructions said "tap what you hear" ie the French. So I tapped the french - correctly - and got a big red cross, and red writing saying well done! So, what is the French for "split personality"??


'told everyone' sounds better english.


It was a secret and you told it to the whole world- was not accepted :-/


"That was a secret" got rejected?

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