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"Ne nous y emmène pas, nous sommes effrayés."

Translation:Don't bring us there, we're frightened.

July 15, 2020



Don't TAKE us there...



emmener (aller quelque part avec [quelqu'un]) = take (a person), (Mener quelqu'un avec soi d'un lieu dans un autre; conduire, transporter)


amaner = Faire venir quelqu'un avec soi

faire venir [quelqu'un]= get, fetch, ask [somebody] to come



Yes, ALL of these "bring it somewhere" type constructions need to be fixed.


I don't care which french verb is used, in English it is quite a simple concept, "you take something or someone from where you are to another place" or "you bring something or someone from somewhere else to where you are" why can't duolingo understand that? How many times do people have to point this out?


That maybe what it means in French....????


No - amener means to bring [here]; emmener means to take [there].


Yet, I've just seen "amener" translated as "take"!


Based on the definitions that I've seen, it appears to make a difference if you are talking about a person or a thing. Amener can mean "take" if you are transporting a thing.

amener (faire venir [quelqu'un] avec soi) = bring (a person)

amener (transporter) = take, bring, carry, transport (a thing)

emmener (aller quelque part avec [quelqu'un]) = take (a person)


Not sure that you've really got it yet. Try these:

  1. J’emporte mon parapluie en voyage – I’m bringing my umbrella on my trip. (It’s a thing and it’s staying with me)
  2. J’emmène mon bébé au restaurant – I’m bringing my infant to the restaurant. (He/she is a person and I am staying with him/her)
  3. J’apporte une bouteille chez mon ami – I’m taking a bottle to my friend’s house . (It’s a thing and I’m leaving it there – whether I help drinking it or not is not the point!)
  4. J’amène ma fille à l’école – I’m taking my daughter to school. (She’s a person and I am dropping her there)

This is one of the best explanations I've seen. Now I just have to remember it myself. Thanks to: https://www.frenchtoday.com/blog/french-verb-conjugation/amener-emmener-apporter-emporter-remporter-bring-take-french/


You don't bring the umbrella, you take it. You have 2 and 4 reversed. When you drop someone off somewhere you emmène them. You don't bring the baby, you take him/her. It's not really about staying or not staying but perspective.


Sorry Geoff, I posted the same link higher up, before I saw yours.


In English, usage of bring and take has nothing to do with whether you intend to remain with the person or thing.


Why won't it accept we are afraid? Also what's with the new strange voices?


Wrong translation- Should be - Don't take us there


Is there an audible difference between amène and emmène ?


Take not bring!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Just give up and move on. I am no longer going to upset by one sentence. My advice is be confident in your use of English. Remember, a professional translator always translates into their mother tongue hence a French person translates English into French to be understood by French speakers and the reverse is true of French, or any other language, into English. That is the end of my rant, I am never going to take part in one of these threads again no matter how abhorrent Duo's translations.

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