"On veut aller en Guadeloupe, emmène-nous-y."

Translation:We want to go to Guadeloupe; bring us there.

July 15, 2020

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take (not bring)


Please use take us there and not as stated bring us there for correct English translation.


I don't care which french verb is used, in English it is quite a simple concept, "you take something or someone from where you are to another place" or "you bring something or someone from somewhere else to where you are" why can't duolingo understand that? How many times do people have to point this out?


Completely agree, I have reported this as an error every time, to no avail so far.


I would agree with you on take but I would use bring for there to here as well and here to there.


take us ... not bring us


I agree. As soon as I saw the sentence I knew the take/bring debate would continue. Surely it is time to address this. It is causing confusion among the Duolingo community.


Now they accept both. I think this is the best solution, since there's no human possibility of knowing the right way to say it in either French or English.


Exactly take not bring. The French is right, the English is wrong. I hope they aren't teaching anyone English.


Is there any difference between "emmener" and "amener". In the previous exercise, it was "amène-nous-y" and now it is "emmène-nous-y". Please help!


Applying a little Latin might help here--do they still teach Greco-Roman word roots, prefixes, and suffixes in English class? :-)

The "e" (or "ex") that starts emmener means "out of" or "from." Remember E pluribus unum--"out of many, one."

The "a" in amener, however, means "toward" or "to".

So: emmener = e + mener = lead from = take; amener = a + mener = lead to = bring.


Yes, the difference is a bit tricky to explain, and either one can mean "take" and or "bring" in English

Emmener means to transport someone somewhere and stay with them. Whether it is bring or take in English depends on where the speaker is (bring here, take there).

Amener means to transport and then drop someone off at a location. Again whether it is bring or take in English depends on where the speaker is (bring here, take there).

see this link for more explanation: https://www.frenchtoday.com/blog/french-verb-conjugation/amener-emmener-apporter-emporter-remporter-bring-take-french/


Take us there accepted as english translation


Duolingo recently added some new voices for the different characters, and it's the second time I hear one of them say "emmène-nous-y grec". I don't know if this is an error from duolingo's side, or if it is an actual thing that french people say instead of the classical pronunciation.

If anyone knows, please let me know!


Nothing to do with the new voices as it has been happening for some years now. This is an error where the TTS says the name of the letter "y" (which is "i-grec" in French) instead of saying it as the word "y" (sounds like "ee").


Moi aussi...Je suis alle a Guadeloupe il y a beaucoup d'ans. Un beau pays!


I made an even more irritating " error". I spelled "Guadeloupe" as "Guadalupe" (the English version) and my translation was judged to be wrong.


Guadalupe Island is a totally different place off the coast of Mexico - it is not an "English version" of Guadeloupe.

See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guadeloupe and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guadelupe


Thank you. My limited geography knowledge is showing.


emmener = take [there] amener = bring [here]

take here / bring there is both incorrect English and an incorrect translation!


The longest running discussion on Duo, to my knowledge, is the take/bring controversy! After a year, it continues, though I've learned to give the Owl what it wants to 'pass' a question, but will rarely agree!


I hope you report "my answer should not be accepted" when Duo only accepts an incorrect answer...

Although it isn't really a controversy, it is clear that Duo doesn't understand the meaning of the words "take" and "bring". There just has been no correction to the many incorrect translations.


Oh yes, I report every time I give what I consider incorrect English, just to move on! Maybe eventually the Owl will 'Take' our hints!!


emmene-nous i-grecque is what I hear. Anybody else?


The audio playback is getting confused between the letter "y" pronounced "e-greck" and the word "y" meaning "there" pronounced "e". Report the audio as incorrect


Nonsense once again, should be take not bring!


The English translation should be "take" us there, not "bring" us there.


In English we says take us there


Yes. I will add my voice. It is not accurate to say "bring" us there. It is "take" us there since they are both starting from the same point of departure. Please Duo! Get this straight!


Take us is the correct English Form and should be accepted


"Bring us there" - possibly, if you are elsewhere and are talking to someone who is already in Guadeloupe. Otherwise, "take us there". Taking or bringing should be from the point of view of the taker/bringer.


If these ears hear true, the "G" in Guadeloupe is hard. With a more Spanish pronunciation, the island's name would sound more like "Wadalupe."


Take there; bring here. Simple.


When will Duolingo get it? I have had to use bad English in order to complete the exercise.


This is an ongoing problem with multiple iterations.

"Bring" is WRONG, Duo. How many times do we have to tell you 'till you STOP making this mistake, and STOP marking us "wrong"? The word is "TAKE." You "bring" here, you "take" there.


I agree with the previous comments


"...take us there"


Yes! I wonderwhen this will be corrected... Duo! TAKE us there! Bring is wrong! "Bring" is for here. "Take" is for there.


(Somebody has been through this Discussion marking all postings down. I do not know why, or what destructive end they think they're achieving. I have upticked as far as I can.)


Agree. It's 'take us there'.


Surely spelling Guadeloupe wrong in English is beside the point? Not hrte


Amener emmener. I know I'll always get it wrong. Can't even hear the difference. I am so defeated, but don't know if it is the French language or Duo that put me down.


Amener. Emmener. I will always get it wrong. I am defeated completely. And I don't even know if it was the French language that killed me or Duo.


Amener. Emmener. I will always get it wrong. I am defeated completely. And I don't even know if it was the French language that killed me or Duo.


Agree. You take someone to a place where they are not.


Take us there should be accepted. It was not. No matter how you spell Guadalupe


This time to satisfy protocols, I answered; "Bring us there...." It's funny how even such a little thing can sound like fingernails down a blackboard!


Do you mean so you could report it as "my answer should not be accepted"? The correct "take us there" is accepted.


For goodness sake, Duo! TAKE not BRING!


Now Duo doesn't accept either answer!!! What di I do do finish the lesson?


Grrrrrgggghhhh !!! been trapped by this ERROR several times now. Take some English lessons please whoever set this exercise. It is "take" not "bring'. FIX IT NOW !!!!!!!!


You guys can think of "bring us there" as a shortened version of "take us from where we are now and bring us to Guadeloupe with you in the future".


It would be "take us with you to Guadeloupe in the future", so that still doesn't work.


How does this say last"y"? "Glick⁉️"


The audio playback is getting confused between the letter "y" pronounced "e-greck" and the word "y" meaning "there" pronounced "e". Report the audio as incorrect


Please get your "take" and "bring" correct. It is so frustrating.


I misspelled Guadelupe without an o and it was marked wrong. Duolingo is garbage sometimes.


Are you suggesting that marking something wrong that is wrong, is somehow wrong?


So i was marked wrong too. Apparently they are different places. I was surprised.


Sometimes ..... I think you mean most of the time :-)

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