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  5. "Me rakastamme tätä kissaa."

"Me rakastamme tätä kissaa."

Translation:We love this cat.

July 15, 2020



Correct me if I'm wrong: "rakastaa" (to love) is a partitive verb and that is why we use "tätä" (partitive of "tämä") and "kissaa" (partitive of "kissa"). Is that correct?


What is a partitive verb?


A verb that always or almost always requires partitive case for its object.


I've been told "rakastaa" wouldn't be used in settings like this (that rakastaa is very serious, only for couples, etc), but I've also heard a Finn say they love a dress haha. Could another Finn confirm/deny this?



I don't think I've ever (at least not so far as I can remember) said to my parents, grandparents or my siblings that I "rakastan" them. However, I think I have expressed "rakastavani" certain things like beautiful colours in nature, food etc.

And of course it's possible to use it sarcastically as well, which I also do occasionally.

"Mä niin rakastan sitä, kun mut ohitetaan kaupan jonossa." (I so love it when people skip ahead of me in the queue.)


What word/phrase would you use to express love to family members? And can you use it for close friends too (like they sometimes do in English), or is there yet another wording/phrasing for that?


You can always use "rakastaa", but many people just don't say it, instead preferring to show their love with their actions. I love my family and vice versa, but none of us ever use the word, or any of the milder ones like e.g. "pitää" (like - "minä pidän sinusta) or "tykätä" (like - "minä tykkään sinusta).

You can also say that you love or like someone in a roundabout way, of course, e.g. "olet niin ihana" (you are so wonderful). :) This is something I do use.


It's definitely not only for couples.


Hello, What is the difference between tätä and tämä?


"Tämä" is in nominative singular and "tätä" is in partitive singular.


What about "tässä " ive seen it used before. Eg kissa on piilossa tässä puu.


It's inessive singular, and that example sentence doesn't make sense because the noun phrase "tässä puu" is in two different cases. "Puu" is a nominative singular form, so it should be "puussa".


Can you use it for friends too? Or is it too much?


So, every time we use rakastaa, we use tätä?

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