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"Onneksi hotelli on keskustassa."

Translation:Good thing the hotel is downtown.

July 15, 2020



onneksi also translated to luckily


As a native English speaker I would never say that sentence. I might say 'It's a good thing the hotel is downtown'. Also I might prefer 'the city centre' to 'downtown' as 'downtown' implies, to my mind, a less salubrious area where I would not wish to be after dark.


Luckily the hotel is in the city centre. That should also be accepted


I think "luckily" actually works best for onneksi here. It encompasses both UK and US usage.


"A good thing the hotel is downtown" wasnt accepted, how is that different?


I think 'a good thing' should be accepted as it is what a Brish person might say


The hotel is (in) downtown.?


They're trying to mean the city centre. I've never really got the meaning of "downtown" either but apparently that's US English which explains it all. (In Finland we learn UK English at school but thanks to the tv and internet, most people actually use everything mixed.)


I think " Good , the hotel is in downtown " is more comprehensive than " Good thing " the hotel " is downtown"


It's so hard to figure out how to spell these words with how little some of the double letters are stressed in the voice samples. At least most of the listening exercises are lenient with it lol


Are you referring to onneksi or hotelli? Onneksi is derived from onnea, and that's a basic Finnish word learned early in a course. Hotelli is a little trickier because the English word it"s borrowed from only has one L.

The more difficult aspect of Finnish is consonant gradation, as when a double constant degrades to a single one in verb conjugations.

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