"He only watches entertainment shows."

Translation:Il ne regarde que des émissions de divertissement.

July 15, 2020

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Spectacle = show ≠ émission


TV show : émission

  • 1829

Why is it 'emissions DE divertissement' but it is 'l'industrie DU divertissement'??


I thought all tv shows and movies were entertainment


Is "divertissement" referring to diversion from reality, as opposed to documentary or news?


So many mysteries to this sentence. Why des émissions and not d'emissions. Doesn't ne fotce des to de anymore? Why de divertissement and not emissions divertissements? Znd why can't we use seulement here? I so wish for some follow up to figure out such things. So frustrating to just have to memorize individul sentences just to get through, when there probably is some organizing rule.


Why not 'il regarde seulement '


According to kwiziq https://french.kwiziq.com/revision/grammar/how-to-use-restrictive-ne-que-with-simple-tenses-to-express-only-negative-expressions

"You can also use seulement which means only in French, though it is not as elegant."

Unfortunately that website sometimes puts "only" in the wrong place when translating into English and changes the meaning.


"entertainment shows" - not sure what this is supposed to mean. It doesn't seem to be just television shows that are entertaining, but a category of television that doesn't seem to exist?


To me its a game show of some kind the sort of thing I'd most likely expect to see on TV Saturday evening, something along on lines of The x factor or I'm a celebrity get me out of here. A variety show is along the same lines I believe.


Confusing mysteries in so many ways. Why des émissions and not d'emissions? Thought de and ne went together.


Negative sentences with "ne pas", "ne jamais "etc are followed by "de" in place of the indefinite article but this does not apply to "ne que".


why "émissions" and not "spectacles"? The latter is marked wrong.

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