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"Hyvää päivänjatkoa, herra Pöllönen!"

Translation:Have a nice day, Mr. Pöllönen!

July 15, 2020



"Mister" should be accepted as well as "Mr."


Would 'have a good day' be an acceptable translation here? That would probably be a more common expression in British English.


Have a good day should be accepted


What about "Have a nice rest of the day"? Otherwise what would be the difference with Hyvää paivää


Agree 100%. I say this all the time (native English speaker, UK) and would never say "Have a nice day" (people would think I was trying to be American). Am so surprised Duo haven't added it as a correct option, yet. Reported again 22.04.21.


"päivänjatkoa", why doesn't the last a have two dots on it? I thought if you had any dotted letters in a word, all letters that can be dotted should be dotted.


I think it's because it's two separate words smushed together. That's about as technical as I can manage :)

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