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"Yhdeksän söpöä pentua yrittää sanoa miau."

Translation:Nine adorable kittens are trying to say meow.

July 15, 2020



if we were introduced to söpö as being cute (and we were), the meaning should be consistent throughout the course.


The etymology (according to Wiktionary) of "yhdeksän" is very interesting (see: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/yhdeks%C3%A4n#Etymology). Roughly summarized, "yhdeksän" would mean: "one" ("yksi") out of ten is not there.


Same with kahdeksan! Kaksi (two) out of ten


Same issue as was already reported. I use cute instead of adorable and it was rejected as wrong translation :-(


Sometimes I think Finns are part Ent and just prefer the longer words. :)


Kittens only meow surely they cant say anything else


They can purr, growl, trill, hiss, whine, and chatter.


Trying to meow, not trying to say meow


Miaow is English. What is meow?


Interesting. I used to spell it "miaow" but changed a while back to "meow" -- guess words just morph over time. Up to you how much it sounds like the noise it's trying to imitate... I see "nyan" a lot now, too, but I suppose that's from animé =).


I only know meow. I am an English as a first language speaker. I think some of these words are one way in one part of the country and not another. Same as with ketchup/Catsup.


Catsup, is an oddball American spelling. Ketchup is English. I am English, and speak English.


Ketchup was first written in English as "Catchup", in 1690. I believe in a dictionary, published in London. Various spelling were thereafter used, including "catsup".

In 1730, by Anglo-Irish writer Jonanthan Swift: "And, for our home-bred British cheer, Botargo, catsup, and caveer." In 1845, by English writer Eliza Acton: "walnut catsup".

Concerning "meow", that spelling became common in the 19th century. Before that, the English word "mew" was used more.

As for the UK spelling "miaow", which has now been partially replaced by "meow" even in the UK, that spelling comes from French miaou. This too, was not commonly used in English before the 19th century.


Thanks for the very interesting history!


Well researched! :)


Pentu voi olla sekä kissa että koira!

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