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  5. "Te korjaatte vanhaa autoa."

"Te korjaatte vanhaa autoa."

Translation:You are fixing the old car.

July 15, 2020



Please note that placind the object in Partitive case ( instead of Accusative ) in "vanhaA autoA" denotes incompletedness of the action and serves as well as indefinite article!


A translation into the continuous aspect, 'are fixing' instead of 'fix', does require the object to be partitive. But the partitive doesn't make the translation need an indefinite article. In both 'Korjaatte vanhaa autoa' and 'Korjaatte vanhan auton', we could be talking about 'a car' or 'the car'.


Shouldn't that make the sentence as it is translate to "an old car" rather than "the old car", then?


I think if you use "autoa" you're referring to the idea of the car. You are not cleaning the entirety of the car, but most of it. I think context matters too.


There's no way the word "auto" should be rejected in the English translation. As a native speaker, I use the words "auto" and "car" almost interchangeably.

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