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  5. "It is a beautiful morning."

"It is a beautiful morning."

Translation:On kaunis aamu.

July 15, 2020



is "se on kaunis aamu" actually wrong?


Yeah! In Finnish we don't add "se" in these kinds of sentences. Same with "It's raining" translating to "Sataa" in Finnish.


What are "these kind of sentences"? In other words how do you know whether to use 'on' vs 'se on'?


In sentences where 'it' is a dummy subject, se is typically left out of the Finnish translation. Wikipedia has two technical articles describing dummy subjects.

Dummy subjects don't refer back to anything. Some examples are "It's night", "It's a cold day", and "It was nice to meet you". Dummy 'it' is used in a lot of weather and time sentences.

In contrast, the 'it' in "It's salty", very likely refers to food, and is not a dummy subject. It can be replaced by a number of nouns, like "The soup is salty", "Salmiakki is salty", etc.


And it is actually wrong to use dummy "se"?


There is no such thing. "Se" can only be a pronoun. A pronoun refers back to something that was previously mentioned (the antecedent), whereas a dummy subject does not refer to anything; it merely fills the role of a subject.


"aamu on kaunis" is marked wrong. Is it?


Well, yes and no. It's a completely different structure, even if the meaning is pretty much the same (different emphasis though).

Aamu on kaunis - the morning is beautiful

On kaunis aamu - it's a beautiful morning

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