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  5. "Pupu on söpö ja pörröinen."

"Pupu on söpö ja pörröinen."

Translation:The bunny is cute and fluffy.

July 15, 2020



"The bunny is adorable and fluffy" should be accepted as well. At some point the app translates söpö as cute and sometimes as adorable. Really annoying.

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It's only the beta version after all, and the course contributors have explicitly asked that we help them out and report missing translations.Please be a bit more understanding. Report the sentence and keep enjoying the course.


I agree, very frustrating


I am tired of writing "bunny". I wrote, "The rabbit is cute and fluffy." It was, as I thought, rejected. I have reported it.


Of course it means the same thing, but it has a different tone and that is part of translation as well.

pupu = bunny
kani / kaniini = rabbit


I wrote "The bunny is cute and fuzzy". I think it should also be accepted. I reported it.


"Fuzzy" is "nukkainen", according to Google Translate (I feel I should probably set out some kind of disclaimer here, though!).


My answer was 100% correct, yet it wasn't accepted? This has happened many times now. Not a big deal. Just annoying.


"Furry" is an acceptable alternative to "pörröinen", I think?

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