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  5. "Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

Translation:Onko sinulla poikaystävää?

July 15, 2020



why is this in partitive?


The given options are incorrect. onko sinulla poikaystävä should be the correct option given


Both are correct!



"Onko sinulla poikaystävää?" (A genuine question, the asker doesn't know)

"Onko sinulla poikaystävä?" (Can convey surprise that the person has a boyfriend / can also function as a genuine question)


I was presented here with 'Onko teillä poikaystävää' - would this be normal? I don't really understand the cases yet, so I don't know if this would mean something like 'do any of you have a boyfriend' or 'do you all have a boyfriend [each]', or if it could be read as 'do you [as a group] have a [shared] boyfriend'

Just trying to understand the different connotations of different sentence constructions :)


I would guess that they are using teillä as the polite form of singular you, which would be somewhat unusual for asking a young woman if she had a boyfriend.

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