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  5. "One cup of coffee, please."

"One cup of coffee, please."

Translation:Yksi kuppi kahvia, kiitos.

July 15, 2020



Is "Kuppi kahvia, kiitos." also correct?


Well technically yes, but the sentence in Finnish emphasizes the fact that it is one cup of coffee and your translation doesn't capture that. So yes and no :D


Since it is only one cup of coffee, is the partitive necessary? (kahvi rather than kahvia)


It doesn't matter how many cups there are. If it's some amount of something, then that something needs to be in partitive. Kahvi - Kuppi kahvia - Yksi kuppi kahvia - Kaksi kuppia kahvia. An exception is if only the number yksi is used: Yksi kahvi (but kaksi kahvia).

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