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  5. "Was ist neu?"

"Was ist neu?"

Translation:What is new?

May 15, 2013



Is this to be taken more literally as in "I got a new item!" "What is new?" or more like the phrase in English "What's new"/"What's up?"

I assume it's the second one, but I don't think assuming always leads to good things.


You would rather say "Was gibt's Neues?" for "What's new?" The given sentence is a "normal" question. Taht is the tricky thing about closely related languages: many things are alike and then some don't fit.


My lost heart can confirm it isn't speaking about the second one, as I put "What's up?" and I got it bad. I assumed and I failed :P


Haha, I just made the same mistake. Oh the shame!


It kind of sounded like "Was ist schneu?", heheheheh. Not sure if that counts as a mistake; can any native speakers explain the phenomenon?


It does sound like that! I didn't understand it at first, so I had to play the slower version to "decode" the sentence :)


I think the more German way of saying this would be, "Was gibt's neues?"

[deactivated user]

    Neu even looks like new, sorta, in english


    Yeah, just change the "W" to a "single-U" and "new" becomes "neu".


    In french you add an f neu=new=neuf


    Does German have abbreviated words like in English, for example.... Don't, that's, can't.... just curious


    A few. The main one that you should know of, is the shortening of es to 's. This happens usually after a verb. The best known example is "wie geht's dir" which is just the shortening of "wie geht es dir". Another is the sentence "was gibt's zu essen" (what is there to eat) which is just the shortening of "was gibt es zu essen"


    Well, in spoken German there is a lot more than that, starting with the articles and verb endings. And then there are all kinds of longgermanwordsastheyhaveahabitofdoing which end up getting shortened in writing and/or speech.


    Couldn`t it be: which is new?


    "which" = "welche/r/s"


    and you don't use "What the news?" in English?


    It would be "What's the news?" but "What's new?" or "What's going on?" are much more common.

    [deactivated user]

      is this kind of like saying "sup" in german


      Not really. A better translation if you're looking for a "what's new" as a greeting would be "was ist neu bei dir?". I know that's a little weird, "what is new at you", but apparently that's what they say (source: my exchange partner)


      Hura, hura, die Schule brennt!


      „Was ist Null?" Existenzialistisches Deutsch.


      So the other comments have stated that this is not, "What's new," as in, "What's new with you?" So is this more like, "I have the new iPhone!" "Oh, you do? What's new (about it)?"


      Isn't there a woody allen movie title: what's new ❤❤❤❤❤ cat?


      I put 'What's new' and Duo marked it wrong!!!!??!

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