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  5. "Kuuletko? Lintu on lähellä."

"Kuuletko? Lintu on lähellä."

Translation:Can you hear? The bird is near.

July 15, 2020



I suggest to allow for: do you hear?... as well


I'd also think for "can you hear?" You'd have "voitko kuulla" instead?


I'm also so confused. For me it's actually an incorrect translation when you add "can" to the English sentence because there is no "voida" in the Finnish sentence. Can't you say "voitko kuulla"?


It's just the way they speak English - when in some other languages people say "do you hear smb/smth?" in English they say "can you hear smb/smth?".


Lähellä surely can be translated as nearby as well as near. I am quite sure in some other examples I was punished for writing 'near' for it instead of 'nearby'.


So "A bird is near" is refused, is it because that would need to be "Linnun on lähellä"?


"Linnun on lähellä" is incorrect. "A bird is near" should probably be accepted, although the better Finnish translation for that would be "Lähellä on lintu"


Wouldn't "Lähellä on lintu" be better translated by "there's a bird nearby"?


"A bird is nearby" and "there's a bird nearby" mean the same thing to me.


It brings the same information, but the first sentence says something about the bird (that it's nearby) and the second says something about your surroundings or place that you're at (that there's also a bird there).


There is no capitalized 'Kuuletko/Kuuletteko' available. Neither a '?'. So I wrote: kuuletteko Lintu on lähellä, which shows I understood there were two sentences. Which is deemed wrong... Got a screenshot, but don't know where to send it. Will report it as' should have been accepted'. Meanwhile the 'glitch fixers' could look into adding '?' when one depends entirely on predefined words, and make sure that the options available allow for a correct answer.


Would it be correct for my notes to say "kuulua = to be audible, kuulla = to hear"?


I think that "the bird is close" should also be accepted

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