"Nous avons reçu votre dossier de candidature."

Translation:We received your application file.

July 15, 2020

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In English we wouldn't say "application file" we would just say "application."


Même en français en peut dire "nous avons reçu votre candidature".


Shouldn't "dossier de candidature" translate to "application folder", which, as Roody-Roo says, might contain several documents related to the application. Didn't we learn that several fichiers can go into a dossier?


I can see that an application file might include a CV, cover letter, list of references, etc.


Application or Application Form, fine. What on earth is an application file? Just because "dossier" means file and "canditature" means application doesn't make "dossier de candidature" "application file". In the same way that "voie sans issue" doesn't translate as "way without exit" - it kind of makes sense literally but we say "dead end". "Application file" kind of makes sense literally but it sounds like the way a french speaker might translate it with a dictionary but no fluent knowledge of English - I kinda expect more of Duo than that! The problem with these poor, literal translations is that their soul destroying when you're asked to type an answer - no one in their right mind can guess that an entirely un-english term is the required English answer so we get it wrong, then have to learn the "right, wrong answer" and remember it for when the question reoccurs at the end of the exercise, probably get it wrong again (because it's NOT ENGLISH) and maybe get it right third time.
I appreciate that these things get picked up over time but if you want me to pay to use Duo (which I happily do to support it in less fortunate households) then please try and get more exercises, more right, more quickly. Unless, that is, "Application File" is an American English term in which case it's not particularly international but I'm happy to stand partially corrected?


I second this.


What's an application file? Please allow "we received your application " as this is what is said in English


are you sure it's not an application folder? I don't know, it sounds more natural to me.


Just application in UK English


what is wrong with 'your file of application'?

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