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"Mijn schoenen zijn niet roze."

Translation:My shoes are not pink.

August 7, 2014



I'm sorry, perhaps I forget but um... Why "roze" not "rooz", though the adjective is placed after the object (?) Thanks anyway :D


There exists no such word as "rooz". It was the same mistake I made although two years after you ;)


I heard really bad the Roze word, it sounds for me like: Rooze...Or its just me?


That's an important part of Dutch spelling. "Roze" is pronounced in a similar fashion to "rose-uh" but a word "rooz" (which does not exist) would be pronounced identically to "rose". It's a question of syllables.

In the word "boterham" we have bo-ter-ham, so we have a long o ("oo"), short e and short a. In the word "zeker" we have ze-ker, so we have a long e ("ee") followed by a short e. This is handily applied consistently throughout Dutch due to their many spelling reforms which have allowed for phonetic modern spelling.


The pronunciation of the word 'roze' is not right. The voice says it as if theres 2 o's in the word.


They were pink. But that's a horrible color, so I dyed them maroon... :-)


"Rose" and pink are actually not the same colors.


Rose is not Dutch. Roze = pink


My bad. What does rose mean in Dutch then?


I think you're mistaken WarmFoothills, the correct spelling of the colour is roze.

@niscate, rosé or roséwijn is the wine, the accent on the é is important, because it triggers a different pronunciation of the e. In spoken nobody would mix up roze and rosé, in writing this is possible, but it should be clear because there only is the colour roze and the wine rosé and rose without the accent doesn't exist. :)

Edit: BTW the flower called rose in English is roos in Dutch.


I thought he asked what the 'English' colour rose was in Dutch.


Ah, I had no idea rose was also a colour in English, looks pretty much the same as pink to me. I never heard about bleekrood before, but the name suggests that that also is pretty much the same. :)

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