"Mijn schoenen zijn niet roze."

Translation:My shoes are not pink.

August 7, 2014

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I'm sorry, perhaps I forget but um... Why "roze" not "rooz", though the adjective is placed after the object (?) Thanks anyway :D


There exists no such word as "rooz". It was the same mistake I made although two years after you ;)


The same thing for me 1 year after you :)


The pronunciation of the word 'roze' is not right. The voice says it as if theres 2 o's in the word.


I heard really bad the Roze word, it sounds for me like: Rooze...Or its just me?


Here the audio says roh-suh but many people also say rohs. (Close to the sound in Norse but without the r. Or like UK source (sauce)).

Depending who you ask one or the other might sound a bit odd to them (well not sure actually if people that say roh-suh like in this audio think rohs sounds a but silly, but the other way around (some) people do)

It is rose-coloured = rooskleurig/rozekleurig.

Perhaps derived from rozerood. The reddish colour of rosed


They were pink. But that's a horrible color, so I dyed them maroon... :-)


What is the guideline used here for determining the location of niet? Usually it follows the object of the sentence, but I guess with adjectives, it comes prior?

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