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  5. "Mirri on onnellinen kissa."

"Mirri on onnellinen kissa."

Translation:Mirri is a happy cat.

July 15, 2020



I translated it as "Mirri is a contented cat", working from the information that onnellinen is a deeper sort of happy than iloinen, but that answer was not accepted. I reported it for "should be accepted," but maybe my sense of "deeper happiness" is inadequate? "Contented" might be too colloquial to my American English dialect?


I googled it quickly, and it seems that onnellinen might be a more permanent kind of happiness, while iloinen is a little more temporary. But anyone that actually speaks Finnish should really chime in and verify that.


You're right. In addition iloinen means you are showing the feeling by smiling or laughing. You can be onnellinen with a total pokerface. Which we Finns are very good at


Contented is not colloquial or restricted to a dialect. You can also just say "content" without the "-ed" of course. I wouldn't be surprised if both of those haven't been added yet.


It doesnt accept onellinen. It'a a typo and duolingo thinks I wrote the sentence in English.


This excercise is asking you to write in English.


For me it says type the Finnish you hear and it wouldn't accept any Finnish i typed, saying i entered English not Finnish.


Yeah, that happens sometimes with any of the languages. nJust type a sentence you know is wrong and then report it as a bug, saying you wrote (insert what you wrote) and it called it English.


I used ‘contented’ having been previously given this as a translation for onnellinen but it was not accepted !

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