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"Nós apresentamos a nossa família."

Translation:We present our family.

August 7, 2014



When you conjugate "Nós apresentamos" in English it can be "We introduce" or "We introduced" In Portuguese Nós apresentamos works for present and for the past tense as well. But when I translated it as: "We introduced our family", it marked me wrong!! I want a refund!


The sentence is in the Present Tense level 2 section , though, so why would you want to use the past tense?


why doesn't the "a" translate in this sentence? shouldn't it be "We present to our family"


I believe the "a" is simply the article, like a garrafa, not the verb "to".


But it could really be either one, couldn't it?

We present our family. -OR- We present to our family.


We present "what" to our family? Would you not need a pronoun or object there as well? I'm fairly sure this is the article now, because you'd need the noun/pronoun in there for it to make sense as "to".


Yes, "to present" is a transitive verb, so it does need an object, but I am saying that "our family" could be the object, much like "their work" is the object in "The students present their work."


Our family wouldn't make sense as the object if "to" was there. It can only be the direct object, unless the thing being presented was in the sentence. Then, our family could be the indirect object, which would be fine. :)


The a could be an article or a preposition, so We present TO our family should also be right. Report it.


How would i translate if i wanted to say 'present sb to sb'?


How present X to Y?

"João, esse aqui é o José. José, esse aqui é o João."


Is "João" your equivalent of our "Juan/John"?


i meant more "eu presento a josé aminha familia" - to say i present josé to my family, is that correct? thanks :)


"Eu apresento José à minha família" or "Eu apresento o José à minha família"

"à" = para+a = to+the

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