"Elle a adopté un chien alors que je voulais un chat."

Translation:She adopted a dog, whereas I wanted a cat.

July 15, 2020

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"She adopted a dog even though I wanted a cat" should be valid, though...


Agreed. "Whereas" is not a part of modern (American) English, apart from the law.


If you don't like "whereas", "while" is the normal translation of "alors que".


I agree fully. I would add that Duo seems to accept "while" in some exercises, not all. I have also attempted 'although"and "though"--both common in everyday English for the meaning of "alors que", but have yet to get an acceptance. "Whereas" has a complex (dual) meaning in English. I'd suggest that Duo drop it as its preferred translation of "alors que".


I think that would be Elle a adopté un chien bien que je voulais un chat.!


I agree - i feel like even though is stronger, almost like she adopted it in spite of me wanting a cat. I understood that alors que is more neutral in connotation and tandis que is sort of similar but maybe stressing the opposition? Unless the speaker is being a bit passive-aggressive!


That is accepted now, lucas.


why not "although" instead of "whereas", it is more common in English usage?


Wouldn't we normally say I had wanted a cat?


While was not accepted


Why is however not accepted


Elle a adopté un chien alors que je voulais en chat, * Thank you DL for being so understanding when a typo occurs! Always appreciated!!!!!


There's an awful lot of adopting of cats and dogs going on in Duo. Is this the only way to acquire them in France? In the UK it would be more normal to hear "She got/bought a dog..."

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