"The owner of the bar is really scary."

Translation:La propriétaire du bar est vraiment effrayante.

July 15, 2020

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what is the male equivalent of "propiétaire" anyway? Google tranlate says it doesn't change except for the articles and adjectives but this exercise marks me wrong whenever i use male articles or adjectives.


I believe that would be le propriétaire.


Exactly. But Duolingo only accepts "la Propriétaire"


I think the point is to teach us that propriétaire is always spelled the same, but gender agreement still applies to adjectives and articles that moderate it.

Anyhow, I typed

  • Le propriétaire du bar est vraiment effrayant.

It was accepted, so copy your sentence here if you can't find your actual error. For example, did you remove the final e from the adjective to make it agree?


Yes, but they have dancing cartoons now!

I just pump in the answer they want in order to go forward.

I sometimes report these, but it has taken over a year for them to respond to some of these reports and make changes.


I believe they only check them if multiple people report them, because they get so many reports.


I suppose that makes sense.

There's nothing gained from lots of people commenting the same thing though. We have an upvote button for a reason.


That's why we should always communicate these alternate answers in the discussion pages, it might encourage more learners to report them.


I'll be having nightmares after listening to those voices.....

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