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"Meillä on hiki, koska sauna on lämmin."

Translation:We are sweating because the sauna is warm.

July 15, 2020



I think that "we are sweaty" should be accepted as a translation. We are sweating would technically translate to "me hikoamme"


Meillä on hiki and Me hikoilemme/hikoamme mean the same thing, "we are sweating". "We are sweaty" would be Me olemme hikisiä. You can be sweaty, although you are now longer sweating. :)


Is the Finnish sentence correct? I though that "lämmin" meant "nicely warm" and "kuuma" means "hot", so in this sentence I would have expected "kuuma".


You're basically correct. When it comes to sauna, that's just how we say it - sauna on lämmin (meaning lämmitetty [heated]) - but to describe its heat we'd say saunassa on kuuma [it's hot in the sauna].

On the other hand, it seems like this sentence is describing the "heat level", but it can still be correct - nice & warm could be maybe some 60 C, which can make one sweat too.


How we experience heat is subjective. warm often means "of suitable temperature", "not too hot", or "not too cold". Temperatures can be cold, warm, or hot depending on the context. The first warm spring day would be considered cold in July and hot in January (northern hemisphere). Whether you consider a dish or a drink cold, warm, or hot, depends on what you are expecting. The sauna is supposed to cause sweating, so it is considered lämmin by people who know what to expect. What Finns consider "warm" in this context, is probably "hot" to many other peoples. :)


Just to add my opinion on this: for me, kuuma sauna would usually be 90–120°C, with more than 120°C being liian kuuma (too hot), lämmin sauna is comfortable and relaxing to be in, so it's somewhat 60–90°C, and lower than that is kylmä sauna (a cold sauna). Of course, the level of comfortableness depends on the humidity too.


Why is “hot” incorrect?


A warm sauna wouldn't make me sweat, but a hot one would.

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