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Contractions - why is this the default when translating present tense verbs?

Can someone help me out with the answer here please, it is is driving me bananas.

The French: Il participe à la grève. Me: He is participating in the strike Duolingo: He's participating in the strike

Duolingo marks me as being incorrect.

It does this consistently, I will translate something like He will [verb] and Duolingo has it as He'll [verb] and marks me as being wrong. I am literally correct, I believe so why is Duolingo so hung up on using contractions?

I think deciding on a contraction versus not is something that should be decided by context, with the default being no contractions. But I could be in the wrong here, does anyone have insight into why it is saying I'm wrong?

July 16, 2020



Duo recently added a number of skills in the French course, as you probably know. When new sentences are added, sometimes not all acceptable translations are included in the database. Duo depends on users like us to improve things. Be sure to report that your answer should be accepted. Have fun learning, and bonne chance !

Timor mortis conturbat me.


I feel for you. I would have thought the uncontracted version would be added first.


haha. My thought exactly. So many times I would type "He will not want to ..." and the correct answer was "he ain't gonna wanna ..."

Okay, I'm exaggerating, but only a little.

This always happens with the updates. I have reported probably a hundred of them over the past two weeks. This time it seems different, though. In the past I received emails regarding my reports. So far, I have received none.


It is a pity when people don't get the register right - or are they really teaching us very relaxed French?


Generally, the French is not relaxed, but the English is very questionable!


Press the report button then...

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