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  5. "Koko metsä on hiljaa."

"Koko metsä on hiljaa."

Translation:The whole forest is silent.

July 16, 2020



Is not 'The whole forest is quiet.' acceptable here?


It should be!


Quiet should be accepted is correct as well, especially since hilja has been taught mostly as "quiet" in all previous lessons.


'Metsä on hiljaa' is like the forest is "being" quiet. 'Metsä on hiljainen' is 'the forest is quiet' (like personality etc)

[deactivated user]

    Thanks for that comment, I have been wondering for the n-th time about the difference. So is it that hiljainen would imply the forest has an intrinsic quality of quietness (Adjective?); and hiljaa means the forest is just being quiet (Adverb?), maybe its actually a noisy forest but right now it is just being hiljaa. I would think using hiljaa instead of hiljainen for a forest might be slightly creepy?


    "The entire forest is quiet" should be accepted too.


    Do we have a finnish word for silent as opposed to just quiet?


    How would you say "All the forests are quiet"?


    Kaikki metsät ovat hiljaa.

    Hiljaa is an adverb. You could also say it with the adjective 'hiljainen' but then it takes a plural form: Kaikki metsät ovat hiljaisia.

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